The Sokenzan Range is Kamigawa's large mountain range; sokenzan means “frost-sword.”

The daggerlike peaks, impossibly steep crags and treacherous snowfields of the Sokenzan Mountains have hosted countless battles among the akki, barbarian warlords, and fierce frost ogres who lurk there. If you travel there, be prepared for either avalanche or ambush; it's said that although many trails lead into Sokenzan, none lead out.

Hidden within the peaks of the Sokenzan Mountains were many distinct mortal factions. The akki goblins, roly-poly, hard-shelled little things who delight in deadly pranks, sustained themselves through hunting and robbing the victims of said deadly pranks. The human bandits led by powerful warlord Godo also roamed Sokenzan looking for victims, human and kami alike. A wizard named Kumano was the most powerful of yamabushi, wandering shamans whose magic and combat skills were particularly effective against kami. In fact, he was rumored to hold the secret to destroying the kami once and for all. But if he did know it, he shared it with no one. Then there is Shinka Keep, inhabited by ogres who worshipped red-aligned oni. Hidetsugu, the master of Shinka, worked night and day to increase his power. There were also ogres who refused to swear themselves to oni, but they were shunned exiles in both Sokenzan and Takenuma.

The shaman of the Sokenzan Mountains possess chilling attacks that can banish kami from the world of the living. In addition to fighting spirit invaders, they use their powerful defenses against the numerous akki and ogres that inhabit this mountain region.

"We camped near the Sokenzan Mountains. Though I know its inhabitants are sparse, I hear cries coming from the highest peaks every night, as if the mountains themselves bellow for vengeance." -Lost Battalion, message to General Takeno (Sokenzan Bruiser)

Geographical Features in Sokenzan

NameGeography Type
Tendo PeaksMountain