The Soratami ("skyfolk") are Kamigawa's race of aristocratic cloud-dwellers. They resemble tall, elegant humans, except for their very pale skin, long ears, flowing silver hair and animated runes in place of eyebrows.

The soratami are masters of air magic; they walk the air as if it were solid land, and weave rainclouds as if they were thread. The soratami often use mirrors as foci for their magic. They artfully manipulate aether and mana bonds like origami, giving rise to their unique Soratami magic.

Known for their wisdom, they frequent Minamo Academy to share knowledge - but only as a means of advancing their own secret agenda.

Elegant and beautiful yet somewhat aloof, the soratami's plans played a crucial role in the war against the kami. During the time of the Kami War on Kamigawa, the soratami helped the humans of Kamigawa fight the kami -- in their own remote and secretive way.

Counsel of the Soratami, Soratami Mirror-Guard, Soratami Rainshaper