Sorine Relicbane was a Soldevi heretic who argued against Arcum Dagsson's plans to unearth ancient artifacts in order to create a better civilization. Initially, Sorine was unable to convince Arcum of his folly. However, tragedy struck Soldev, and it was overrun by Phyrexian-tainted artifacts.

"To hide the truth is more than folly -it is fatal." -Sorine Relicbane, Soldevi heretic (Soldevi Sage)

"A dreadful invention. What ease is there under the watchful eye of cold steel?" -Sorine Relicbane, Soldevi Heretic (Soldevi Sentry)

"In the arms of tragedy, there is little comfort in being right." -Sorine Relicbane, Soldevi Heretic (Soldevi Heretic)

"I implore you not to forget the horrors of the past. You would have us start the Brothers' War anew!" -Sorine Relicbane, Soldevi heretic (Disenchant)

"Let any who doubt the evil of using the ancient devices look at this infernal machine. What manner of fiend would design such a sadistic device?" -Sorine Relicbane, Soldevi heretic (Skull Catapult)

"Rumors persist of dark deeds performed in the depths of Soldev. When will Dagsson heed the danger therein?" -Sorine Relicbane, Soldevi heretic (Ritual of the Machine)

"We were not meant to have such terrible things. They should be left where we found them, if not destroyed!" -Sorine Relicbane, Soldevi heretic (Despotic Scepter)

"Dagsson should have paid attention to the lessons of Phyrexia before attempting to create a mechanical utopia." -Sorine Relicbane, Soldevi Heretic (Phyrexian Boon)

"Dagsson saw the steam as life-giving -until his followers felt its scalding touch." -Sorine Relicbane, Soldevi Heretic (Soldevi Steam Beast)

"These traps are truly a symbol of great cruelty and sinister cunning." -Sorine Relicbane, Soldevi Heretic (Pit Trap)

"An idiot cannot hear sense, even when a thousand people speak it." -Sorine Relicbane, Soldevi Heretic

"People love to follow fools; they don't feel so alone then." -Sorine Relicbane, Soldevi Heretic (Soldevi Adnate)

"Knowing its origins, how could they have thought they could control it?" -Sorine Relicbane, Soldevi heretic (Phyrexian War Beast)

"Let the past be the past. Do not call up that which you cannot put down. Destroy that which destroyed us, so long ago." -Sorine Relicbane, Soldevi Heretic (Shatter)