Known as Slaadheim to the Ysgardians and the Urkrocl to the githzerai, the Spawning Stone is the primordial home of the slaadi race and the reTaMlm of their greatest dominion. Each race of slaadi goes to the Spawning Stone in a sequence during the mating season (which looks like any other season in Limbo, but he slaadi always know it), and - while they are mating - currents of chaos-stuff flow toward the stone. Sages believe that the pure chaos matter of Limbo is the food of the young slaadi. Massive tidal waves and whirlpools roll out from the Stone for hundreds of miles around when the eggs are hatched.

One death slaad guards the Spawning Stone at all times, and this creature can use the powers of the Spawning Stone as if it were an anarch with complete mastery of chaos-stuff. Some say that anyone who wrests the control of the stone from the slaad gains the same powers; others say that captured stone would simply melt back into Limbo and the slaadi would conjure up a new Spawning Stone somewhere else. No non-slaadi is allowed within miles of the stone, on pain of death.

Each breed of slaadi spawns in its own season, and these times are zealously guarded by powerful slaadi and mystical wardings. Each race of slaadi has its own rituals, invocations, and preferences, so each race creates different looks, mixes of chaos-stuff, and temperatures surrounding the Stone. The site resembles five different "flavors" of chaos around the same great, blue-gray boulder. The stone itself is a bent shape, like an enormous horseshoe that flares out at each end, and it's large enough to fit entire castles inside it. The songs of the red slaadi can be heard vibrating the chaos-stuff for leagues around, but the scraping noises of the blue slaad's claws can only be heard by those with exceptional hearing. The deadly acid fogs and poison gas clouds that the death slaadi enjoy make the area nearby uninhabitable for the first reds to arrive when they come to push the death slaadi out. The lesser slaadi (red, blue, and green) swarm in larger numbers than the greater slaadi (gray and death), so even the area of the spawning grounds varies from miles across to a few hundred yards.

In addition, the slaadi keep the stone intact to serve as a sort of town for the entire race, primarily as a meeting place and a storage site. A few fading areas of slaadi constructions are sometimes visible dissolving into the amorphous mass of chaos-stuff around the stone. These areas are food stores, egg masses, and for- tifications, for each race of slaadi holds the stone until ejected bodily by the next: first the reds, then the blues, the greens, and then the gray and death slaadi, who always yield to the hordes of returning reds (some say that it's because the egg pellets of the reds can hatch even within the hide of a death slaad). The interior of the stone itself is said to be honeycombed with the circular rooms that the slaadi favor.

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