Dominian Specters are evil undead. They usually appear as brooding, hooded undead figures riding an evil flying creature of some kind. They are an evil counterpart to Archons in Dominia. Their frightening appearance and spectral wail causes mind-draining effects.

Not to be confused with Spectres, which are ghostly incorporeal undead.

Noted Specter (Dominia)s

UrgorosSpecter (Dominia)the Empty OneDominaria

Subtypes and Variants

Abyssal SpecterDominia
Blazing SpecterDominia
Blizzard SpecterDominaria
Doomsday SpecterDominia
Dread SpecterDominia
Entropic SpecterDominia
Guul Draz SpecterZendikar
Hollow SpecterDominia
Hypnotic SpecterDominia
Liliana's SpecterDominia
Needle SpecterDominia
Nightveil SpecterDominia
Scythe SpecterDominia
Sedraxis SpecterAlara
Shimian SpecterDominia
Shrieking SpecterDominia
Silent SpecterDominia
Tainted SpecterDominia
Whispering SpecterDominia