The sprawling forests of Arvandor, in the topmost layer of the Olympian Glades of Arborea, are home to a nearly infinite number of different plants, trees, and shrubs. Far from Corellon’s Court, or indeed any settlement, in a stretch of woods that grows so thick that the sun never reaches the forest floor, a single, poisonous bramble has grown so tall and strong that it has become a tower whose top fairly scrapes the canopy of leaves overhead.

Called the Spire of Thorns by the elves of Arvandor, this tower has become a way that foresters, rangers, barbarians, and other folk who relish the wild life use to prove their mettle. They climb the tower barehanded while wearing only a light tunic. The spire’s thorns are coated in a poison that addles the wits and dulls the senses, but completing the task is said to toughen the body against all toxins.