The smartest - and only - goblin cabin boy aboard the Weatherlight, Squee has learned that intelligence and common sense are very different things. This matters little, however, since he has neither. Fortunately, he doesn't know what he's missing.

An intellectual giant--for a goblin--Squee's natural curiosity balances his natural cowardice. After saving Sisay's life when his goblin tribe attacked her in the Kher Ridges, the 10-year-old Squee (the human equivalent of an adolescent) became infatuated by the Weatherlight and its captain. Exiled from his people, he accepted a position as cabin boy on the Weatherlight, a menial position that he carries out with great enthusiasm and much self-importance. Squee has some unusual traits for a goblin: he has an uncanny knack for survival, and has exhibited loyalty, ingenuity, and even bravery!

Squee was a goblin cabin-boy on the Weatherlight, serving Gerrard Capashen and Captain Sisay. Sneakier and smarter than the average goblin, Squee's loyalty to Gerrard is shadowed by his much stronger loyalty to the abducted Sisay.

He gained virtual immortality and the ability to recover from any would when he found a strange artifact. However, Crovax turned this into a liability -since Squee kept coming back to life, the cursed Crovax kept killing his former crewmate over and over for his own amusement.

When the Weatherlight traveled to Mercadia, Squee encountered the Kyren. They made Squee a Nabob (General), and outfitted him with regalia. However, Squee discovers and exposes the Kyren's plans to aid the Phyrexians. He helps to destroy the Phyrexian fleet hidden in the Mercadian mountain.

Three and a half centuries later, he can rightly claim to be the oldest - and possibly wisest - goblin on Dominaria.

"Some goblins are expendable. Some are impossible to get rid of. But he's both -at the same time" -Starke

"General?" Tahngarth roared. "General nuisance, maybe."

"All this time I thought Squee was useless," chuckled Sisay. "Who knew he'd be such a good shot?" (Zap)

In pursuit of the juicy fly, Squee stumbled on the hidden hangar. (Robber Fly)

"Hmm ... It looks kinda like a bug. Let's crack it open an' see if it tastes like one" -Squee, goblin cabin hand (Horseshoe Crab)

"But you said 'when goats fly'" Squee whined. (Phantom Wings)

Squee: "What's that?" Ertai: "It's a magical book." Squee: "Am I smart enough ta use it?" Ertai: "You could say that." (Fool's Tome)

Squee tucked the warm ball in his pocket and slipped a pebble in its place. 'Glok,' he mumbled, and hid. (Legerdemain)

"If they don't pinch, they burn. Can't ya eat any of da bugs here?" -Squee, goblin cabin hand (Firefly)

"My medicine bag and I have treated countless wounds and illnesses. But never have I seen so many made so sick for so long. We will never eat Squee's cooking again." -Orim, journal (Medicine Bag)

"Like a sugar stick with wings" -Squee, goblin cabin hand (Bayou Dragonfly)

For once, Squee realized, he wasn't the dumb one. (Goblin Grenadiers)

"He's big an' dumb an' ready to fight. A lot like ol' Hornhead here." -Squee, goblin cabin hand, scouting report (Bloodrock Cyclops)

"Easy. All ya gotta do is push somebody into it." -Squee, goblin cabin hand, scouting report (Cinder Wall)

As the horrors closed in on Gerrard, Squee trembled and clutched his toy for comfort. He didn't know where it came from or why it was so warm, but he was glad he'd kept it near. (Squee's Toy)

"Big plants not only good for hidin', but full o' tasty bugs, too." -Squee, goblin cabin hand (Dense Foliage)

With his newfound sense of self-importance, Squee set his sights on ever-bigger bugs. (Deadly Insect)

"If I says it's a troll, it's a troll. Goblins is always right in Mercadia." -Squee (Horned Troll)

"No, you get the water. I ain't thirsty." -Squee (Tainted Well)

"Let's do it again" -Squee, goblin cabin hand (Time Warp)

"I think she wants us to eat it," said Squee, staring at the oily carcass the cheetah had dragged to their fire. (Horned Cheetah)

After encountering them, Squee finally lost his appetite for bugs. (Phyrexian Battleflies)

After an hour in the hidey-hole, Squee seriously pondered the advantages of danger over boredom. (Hidden Retreat)

"Glok loved storms He'd sit an' watch an' laugh through the whole thing. I miss him." -Squee, goblin cabin hand (Firestorm)

Hanna regarded Squee sternly. "Because it's not a toy, no matter how much it may look like one," she said, taking the manakin from him. (Manakin)

"But why can't I get one?" sniveled Squee. "All da bugs here got wings." (Frog Tongue)

"Maybe we can trap them with bait," thought Tahngarth, eyeing Squee. (Avizoa)

"Faugh" snorted Tahngarth. "Why would it make a meal of something like you?" Squee looked relieved. "No," he continued, "you'd make a much better toothpick." (Lowland Giant)

"No fair Since when does a bug get ta munch on me?" -Squee, goblin cabin hand (Pincher Beetles)

Squee watched his Kyren cousins fall with a mixture of sympathy and relief. (Snuff Out)

Thinking of dinner made Squee realize that the forest was probably thinking the same thing. (Call of the Wild)

Squee bounced up and down. "I sees a horsey, an' a piggy, an' a -" "If you don't shut up," hissed Mirri, "you'll see a kidney and a spleeny." (Aluren)

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