The 44-year-old Starke is a habitual game-player, and currently he's doing his best to play both sides against each other without being destroyed by either. Born on Rath, Starke is il-Vec - outcast from the Vec tribe for collaborating with Volrath. His secret marriage to an en-Dal woman resulted in his greatest pride, his daughter Takara. Because she is now imprisoned in Volrath's stronghold, Starke has joined Gerrard as a guide to rescue her, even though he himself betrayed Sisay to Volrath, and is terrified of the danger involved. Starke is as shifty as a sand dune and is loyal to no one except himself and Takara.

Starke believes in situational ethics - the situation determines the ethics. He's switched sides so often that he has become everyone's ally yet no one's friend. This former merchant of Rath accompanies the Weatherlight crew on their journey to his home world.

When Volrath needed help kidnapping Sisay, he forced Starke to aid him by kidnapping his daughter Takara, the only person Starke cares about other than himself. But Starke is smart. He didn't trust that Volrath would ever release his daughter. Starke has tried to ally himself with Sisay, betrayed Sisay to convince Volrath to let his daughter go, and has now pledged his services to Gerrard as the Weatherlight's guide to Volrath's realm. His duplicity has often been his undoing.

When Gerrard sought to rescue Sisay, Crovax led the crew to Starke, the only native of Rath that he knew. Starke was living in Bogarden at the time. But before the crew could leave with Starke, they ran afoul of Maraxus of Keld. As Maraxus and Gerrard dueled, Starke stabbed Maraxus in the back, and pledged his loyalty to Gerrard.

Starke plotted to assassinate Oracle en-Vec.

Starke was blinded. Later, he was killed by Volrath.

"I know to whom I owe the most loyalty, and I see him in the mirror every day." -Starke (Starke)

The third time the Oracle glanced suspiciously at him, Starke decided she had glanced twice too often. (Opportunist)

Starke knew the voice was Takara's, but the venom was Volrath's. (Vendetta)

"Takara, it's me" shouted Starke. It was no use -she obeyed Volrath. (Heat of Battle)

"Predictable little man. In all these years you taught me so much yet learned so little." -Volrath, to Starke (Contempt)

"Once they've marked you," Starke said, "the world is made of glass." (Bounty Hunter)

"Stroke of heat or stroke of blade. Choose your fate, traitor." -Maraxus of Keld, to Starke (Heat Stroke)

"The sanctity of poverty is an invention of the rich." -Starke (Dream Cache)

"Some goblins are expendable. Some are impossible to get rid of. But he's both -at the same time!" -Starke (Squee, Goblin Nabob)

"Watch yourself," warned Starke. "These plants aren't nice when they're hungry." (Volrath's Gardens)

"It is the nature of evil to turn you against yourself." -Starke (Wall of Souls)

"Save me from Maraxus," Starke pleaded, "or condemn me to his wrath. Either way, do not ignore me" (Inner Sanctum)

"I killed him because I had to," Starke lied to Gerrard. "But now I pledge my loyalty to you." (Debt of Loyalty)

Debt of Loyalty, Desperate Gambit, Reap