One of the earliest War Golems created by the Rebels, powered by a bread-box-sized steam engine. The first Steam Golems were designed from notes taken from Rayjan's Codex, written by the famed Dwarf Rayjan hundreds of years ago.

Steam Golems are a hydraulic contraption first built by rebel dwarves to contest the magestone-powered golems of the Atlantean Empire. While the steam golem makes a great deal of hissing, clanging and roaring as it crosses the battlefield, when it finally engages with the enemy it makes up for its cacophony with battle carnage.

From the reports of Medic Mai Yas:

With great mechanical strides, our steam golem ate up the sward, bearing down on the Guild warlord where he stood cowering behind a pair of blade golems. The shouts of men and ringing steel of swords were drowned out by the clanging and grinding of its geared joints, pistons and poppet valves, and swinging hydraulic arms. Every so often the steam-powered machine belched out a roar of compressed air, like the breath of some massive and terrible beast.

The bladers couldn' t sit tight, not with the steam golem's cannon primed with heavy shot and double loads of powder. Warlord Grayden waited until the last possible moment, though, before sending his own two leviathans pounding out to close with ours. One blader took a cannon round in the chest that gouged a great wound into its brass armor. It fell back a few steps but recovered and continued to drive forward. I would have pulled the steamer back while hammering the blade golems into submission. That would have been my stratagem. But there were the nearby incinerators to worry about, trying to disengage from our troll brawlers, and anyway I know that Sortek was anxious to finally bring Grayden to justice, so I wasn' t surprised he' d opted for a decisive attack.

The three machines met with a horrendous crash of metal, and the steam golem emitted a high-pitched screech as one of the bladers sliced into a steam line. The steam golem's return stroke with its own heavy sword smashed in the head of the wounded blader, and it toppled like a puppet with its strings suddenly cut.

That left two golems bashing at each other with their bladed arms. They each took staggering blows that rent armor and spilled gearwork and fluids. Then the blader hacked open the steam cylinder on our steam golem's back, and even I knew it was a death blow. A great jet of water and steam shot into the air, and the steam golem sank to its knees in defeat.

What I saw then defies explanation. I know machines don' t think - not even the magestone-powered golems of the Atlantis Guild - and they certainly don' t have souls. But I swear I saw the blade golem step back with an almost pitying shrug of its armored shoulders, leaving the steamer to die in peace. It turned back toward Grayson, and that's when our steamer surged forward with some hidden reserve of strength. One last charge from its cannon caught the blade golem in the back, ripping through its magestone spine and smashing it lifeless to the ground. And as if that weren' t enough, it then swiveled back toward Warlord Sortek, one arm flailing, before it finally crashed to the sward itself.

And I could have sworn it was saluting.