The seven thanes undeniably stand as the most powerful influences over the Phyrexian faction associated with black mana. Having claimed power during the war with the plane's inhabitants, the thanes have managed to carve out territories around the expanding edges of the Mephidross and also in the burgeoning underworld of New Phyrexia's core. Only one remains doggedly at the center of the Mephidross: Geth, the Gatekeeper, straddles the lacuna tunnel between the shadows of the surface and the darkness within.

"The feeble resistance of the flesh is all but over. Phyrexia spreads its shadows over all that is. Only Phyrexians can survive in Phyrexia, and only one Phyrexian can be father of all—Father of Machines. Yet a usurper sits upon the throne: Karn. To the thanes, this man of dumb silver cannot be the real Father of Machines. To be Father of Machines, one must survive a birth in its heart and the deaths of many brethren. The path to leadership is paved with the backs or the bones of one's lessers. Survival is the Phyrexian way, and if this Karn cannot live through the attempts on his crown, he should never have donned it."

Each of the seven thanes knows these truths, though they do not speak them aloud. To give whisper to such thoughts would weaken a thane's chances at bringing plans to fruition. Truth is always a weapon in your enemies' hands. No thane has friends, and foes owe fealty to the thanes only until they have a weapon to twist against them.

Each thane wages a secret war of succession, understanding with absolute certainty that he/she/it is the true Father of Machines. All that matters is the thane's eventual ascension. Plots are made, alliances formed, deals brokered, and armies marshaled. Upon taking leadership of all, the glorious brilliance of the methods by which it claimed power will be transformed from horrid treachery to holy doctrine. Yet the thanes have not gained their places through rash action. Smiles hide the purpose of teeth. At the right moment, the time for polite audiences and alliances will be over.

Creatures under the thanes exist in two broad social strata. In the lower strata are the savage nim, bestial creatures, compleated Mirrans, and mercenary undead. Pure Phyrexians of intelligence and the most resourceful of the compleated Phyrexians form a higher caste. The relationship is not unlike some feudal societies, with the lower caste as the serfs and conscripts in armies, while the higher caste serves as the nobility in the courts and the knights and officers of the thanes' armies. Yet this structure takes a uniquely Phyrexian form.

For example, a thane might express a strange civility in welcoming the emissary of another thane, speaking cordially with the messenger while the emissary's bodyguards are flayed alive. The herald of an important Phyrexian lord might announce the arrival of its patron by cutting his name into its own skin. Such displays aren't custom among the feudal Phyrexians; instead, each thane or petty warlord acts within the bounds of its own brand of courtesy - until the sham is no longer useful.


Azax-AzogThe Demon ThanePhyrexian
GethLord of the VaultPhyrexian
KraynoxThe Deep ThanePhyrexian
RoxithThane of RotPhyrexian
SheoldredWhispering One
Thrissikthe Writing ThanePhyrexian
VraanThane of BloodPhyrexian