Stitched are artificial creatures stitched together through magic. They may have parts from different creatures, or even other objects (such as tree branches) stitched into their bodies.


They were created by Baxar the Soulstitched, though he is not one of them.


The Stitched feed off of magical power; they crave it more than anything else. Oftentimes, a Stitched will collect trinkets imbued with magic and sew them into its skin.

"We believe these are the first of the Stitched. They are made from older materials, some dating to pre-Separation times. Some carry human heads on their shoulders, which resemble the original Elsari." - Tachrim, Apprentice to Xulos

"There were hundreds of them. Soldiers, made from corpse and steel, the remnants of our dead. How could we face their Blackguard? I was staring into the faces of my kin!" - Ferahni, Leoss Guardian

To perform a hex, one must invoke the magic needed through a verbal ritual. However, some Stitched invoke the same power through their astral language. How they do this, invoking hexes through projecting symbols, is a mystery. The Stitched have many dark and mysterious rituals, many of which go unobserved. The few that have been seen share common ground with the rituals of Elsarin, Pre-Separation era.

"I watched, captivated, as the three Stitched merged to form a behemoth. It was a new entity, physically large and brutish. The genius of these creations! They are truly perfect machines!" - Tachrim, apprentice to Xulos

"These Stitched are frail. They last no more than a few days before they fall apart. The mortals have priests to tend to their wounded. Make me a priest for my army." - Matriarch Kiergana

"If a Stitched is alone, you get the Sheoul away from him. They never travel alone, unless they're looking to pop." - Rondel Redarm of the IMEF

"We leave this tome to you. You will be its keeper, its sole protector. Guard their souls and they will protect you. Now you serve the Faded. Now you are Stitched." - Unknown source, translated from Old Elsari (Tome of Faded Souls)

"We are the ancestors, we serve the faded ones. We are Elsarin, Ailur, Thir, Valdac, all nations. We are Stitched." - Stitched Monolith, roughly translated from Old Elsari

Noted Stitcheds

KraumSkaabLudevic's OpusInnistrad
MarianStitchedBound to PainDreamscape

Subtypes and Variants

Butcher (Dreamscape)Dreamscape
Triskelion (Dreamscape)Dreamscape
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