The Super Nova universe is set in the future, during a period of time when several races fought for dominance in the galaxy. Initially, the races were fairly evenly balanced, until the discovery of the Tlisk changed that. The Tlisk annexed Ko'ol by an overwhelming sneak attack, setting off a multiracial war. The Koolians fought back, and all the races involved quickly spiraled into war.

With the subjugation of Ko'ol, the Tlisk empire stretched across much of the galaxy, forcing the other empires to negotiate alliances. The Koolians regained their world during the war, but planets changed hands so quickly that the galactic cartographers could not keep up. As planets changed hands, new governments would spring up, and the laws could change overnight.

Eventually, any ship that could fly was conscripted into the Nova Wars. It was not uncommon to see a fleet with garbage scows alongside battleships.

Worlds in the Super Nova Universe