Suq'Ata is a nation on the continent of Jamuraa, east of Zhalfir. It is a thriving nation of traders.

"Sometimes a burden can be borne only on the shoulders of a willing enemy." -Suq'Ata aphorism (Betrayal)

"There's nothing like a sudden shock to clarify one's thoughts." -Pashad ibn Asim, Suq'Ata trader (Jolt)

There are medicines for all afflictions but idleness. -Suq'Ata saying (Stupor)

"Mold could catch you." -Suq'Ata insult (Creeping Mold)

"Watch death wait / Wait, death, watch / Steal breath swiftly / but steal life slowly." -Suq'Ata dirge (Death Watch)

"Let him be imprisoned while his possessions wander free." -Suq'Ata legal decree (Misers' Cage)

To buy unseen land, pay in unseen coin. -Suq'Ata maxim (Shimmer)

Trade to trade, not to keep. -Suq'Ata motto (Amulet of Unmaking)

As elusive as the footprint of a djinn -Suq'Ata expression (Cloud Djinn)

"May you get the mount you deserve." -Suq'Ata curse (Goblin Swine-Rider)

"Pathetic -like I wouldn't know a goblin painted up to look like a dwarf" -Pashad ibn Asim, Suq'Ata trader (Goblin Scouts)

"A vizier's dish, best served drenched in honey and almonds." -Suq'Ata royal recipe (Azimaet Drake)

Dreams' riches are easily spent. -Suq'Ata adage (Dream Cache)

When you've been chased by a dragon, you run from every lizard. -Suq'Ata saying (Pyric Salamander)

"Be like the meerkat, my daughters: ever vigilant, true to your own, and wary of strangers." -Nabil Alamat, Suq'Ata merchant (Karoo Meerkat)

If you find yourself and a friend being chased by a king cheetah, you have but one chance: Trip your friend. -Suq'Ata wisdom (King Cheetah)

"Never stop 'til you see your lance come out the other side." -Telim'Tor (Suq'Ata Lancer)

"One moment I was walking along the beach, and the next I was high in the air, staring into a hideous smiling face." -Tarub, Suq'Ata sailor (Harmattan Efreet)

"Is it true that the apes wear furs of gold when they marry?" -Rana, Suq'Ata market fool (Uktabi Orangutan)

The rich's heirs often thank them after death ... but preferably not in person. -Suq'Ata epigram (Restless Dead)

"My goat was a small price to pay for the chance to see the hunting griffin dive and seize it." -Pashad ibn Asim, Suq'Ata trader (Ekundu Griffin)

"Comfortable even in a furnace? I've never met one who'd accept my wager." -Talibah, embermage (Suq'Ata Firewalker)

"By the tongues of a thousand serpents, this time I do not lie." -Ahmahz il Kin, Suq'Ata diplomat (Peace Talks)

Don't insult a Talruum unless your mount is swift. -Suq'Ata saying (Talruum Minotaur)

Better to fight the sand for a few hours than to sleep beneath it forever. -Suq'Ata truism (Sandstorm)

"A zombie's bed must be a lumpy one or he wouldn't leave it so often." -Rana, Suq'Ata market fool (Gravebane Zombie)

"Why is loud stupidity so infectious?" -Rana, Suq'Ata market fool (Mob Mentality)

You lie down with rats, and the rats run away. -Suq'Ata insult (Sewer Rats)

"Uh, does anyone have a flute?" -Rana, Suq'Ata market fool (Snake Basket)

Victim of the two-toed faerie -Suq'Ata expression meaning "broken" (Uktabi Faerie)

"This little prize will cover your head, your spells, your bets, and your behind" -Pashad ibn Asim, Suq'Ata trader (Helm of Awakening)

"If my heart had a lid, I would lift it and show you my joy." -From Suq'Ata wedding ceremony (Juju Bubble)

"Useful ... if you can find it." -Pashad ibn Asim, Suq'Ata trader (Cloak of Invisibility)

"But I signed nothing" -Taraneh, Suq'Ata mage (Infernal Contract)

Embrace the Harbinger -Suq'Ata expression meaning "abandon hope" (Harbinger of Night)

"Magic's only part of it, my friend. Diet does the rest." -Pashad ibn Asim, Suq'Ata trader (Firebreathing)

"Suq'Ata believe in trade; Femeref, alms; Zhalfirins, steel. Be warned, Kaervek -now we are joined." -Sidar Jabari (Divine Offering)

"Eternal life or your money back." -Unnamed Suq'Ata merchant, deceased (Elixir of Vitality)

The viashino used the spell to dry foods for crossing the Great Desert. The Suq'Ata later discovered its use in war. (Dehydration)