Tarkir of the Khans

The khan of the Temur holds the title of Dragonclaw, which belongs to those who prove themselves in a ritual challenge. Surrak's challenge was to face an enormous bear in its cave lair, and he earned his title in a display of ferocious might still talked about years later. Descended from a long line of ancestors who also earned the Dragonclaw name, Surrak towers over his people in strength and stature.

Surrak rarely speaks to his people, but when he does, he is pragmatic and harsh. He has little patience for frivolity, and he regards anything not tied to the continued survival of his people as a waste of resources.

"If hard work and a prosperous hunt are not enough for our way of life, then we will do what must be done. If bones must break to protect my people, then they will break." -Surrak Dragonclaw

Both his rank and his scars were earned in single combat against a cave bear.

"People are often humbled by the elements. But the elements, too, can be humbled." -Surrak, khan of the Temur

"Hold the high ground, then bring it to your enemy." -Surrak, khan of the Temur

Khan of the Dragons

Surrak holds the position of Hunt Caller in this new timeline. He is a leader, but he is not the Dragonclaw he once was—that title no longer exists. Atarka was horrified by the honorific, as it was awarded for the killing of dragons; the dragonlord outlawed the use of the title centuries ago. Now, a hunter of all but dragons, Surrak knows that he is expected to kill and deliver any target his dragonlord selects. The more challenging the target, the more pleasure Surrak takes in the hunt. While others in the Atarka clan hunt as a means for survival, Surrak hunts for glory, for honor, and—most of all—for fun.

"It is most honorable to use every part of the animals we kill ... especially if we use them to annihilate our enemies." -Surrak, the Hunt Caller

"Show your enemies as much mercy as they would show you." -Surrak, the Hunt Caller

"Do you not hunt the yetis of the high peaks, stripling? Their meat is as tender as a bear's and their blood as warming as fire. They are prey that will please Atarka." -Surrak, the Hunt Caller

Epic Confrontation, Savage Punch, Surrak Dragonclaw, Surrak, the Hunt-Caller