The surrakar are a race of hulking amphibian humanoids native to Bala Ged. They have broad shoulders and long arms that drag on the ground when they walk. Their splayed feet and hands are webbed, and long tusks protrude from their large mouths. They have little culture and no written language, and some members of other races believe they are merely animals with no true language at all.

Surrakar are monstrous creatures of bestial intelligence, cultureless and almost wholly feral, humanoid only in shape

Surrakar grab things they don't want.

"Are you sober? We're far past oaths and treaties. Surrakar couldn't recognize a border if it swam up and bit their scaly leg. You're soft-hearted, that's your problem. 'They're living creatures, Marak.' 'They almost have a culture, Marak.' But you didn't hear them crunching on the bones of your guide, did you? Your childhood friend? It's not a discussion. We're killing them. If you don't want to help, then you can die along with the fish-eyed bastards." -Marak, hunter of Umungshore

Surrakar Banisher, Surrakar Maurauder, Surrakar Spellblade