Szadek, Lord of Secrets founded House Dimir. In some ways Szadek is like other vampires - he has fangs, he flies around, and he feeds off of those he kills. But with the Lord of Secrets there is a difference. Other vampires leave their signature on their victims, the fang holes in the neck. Others make vampires of their victims. To Szadek, this is nothing but advertisement of foolish ego. The Lord of Secrets keeps his doings secret.

Szadek possesses psionic abilities.

When Szadek sinks his silvery teeth into his victims they leave no mark and draw no blood. Instead, they draw knowledge and memory. The first memory consumed is that of the bite itself. After that, it's whatever Szadek finds most tasty; joys, pains, deaths. An attack from Szadek is not so crude as to be painful or leave wounds. It has the devious flair of leaving victims numb and ignorant. They see him coming and fall prey to his gripping gaze. They feel his bite, and then they have never seen him. "Vampire? What's a vampire? ...That's crazy talk."

Szadek is the parun (founding leader) of House Dimir. However, he schemed to shatter the Guildpact, and manipulated Agrus Kos into doing so. He amassed the spirits of the dead in Agyrem under his leadership, but Agrus Kos trapped him with a special device in Agyrem, preventing him from ever regaining his corporeal form.

"I am confident that if anyone actually penetrates our facades, even the most perceptive would still be fundamentally unprepared for the truth of House Dimir." -Szadek (Glimpse the Unthinkable)

"Your ignorance is my bliss." -Szadek (Shadow of Doubt)

"A basilisk's gaze is effective, but disposing of physical remains is a tiresome task. It's far more discrete to dissolve one's victim entirely." -Szadek

"I am the banisher, the ill will that snuffs the final candle." -Seal inscription (Seal of Doom)

"In secrecy is strength. None can oppose one who cannot be found." -Szadek (Infiltrator's Magemark)

"About the sphinx, I have mixed feelings. Their wisdom I crave, but their secrecy I can't tolerate." -Szadek (Cerulean Sphinx)

"Some images are so powerful that one glance burns them into your mind forever. Come, let us gaze on nothingness." -Szadek

"Your pathetic ideas lie in shambles, Planeswalker. Where is your arrogant pride now?" -Nicol Bolas (Wit's End)

Ravnica (fatpack), Szadek, Lord of Secrets