Taaveti of Kelsinko is a widely-traveled elvish hunter who lived during the time of Dominaria's Ice Age. He traveled throughout Terisiare, particularly in and around the location of the World Spell cast by Freyalise.

Taaveti was killed by a Deathmark, which appeared as a blood-red snowflake. His body was discovered by Thangbrand Gyrdsson of a Kjeldoran patrol.

"Their fury is their greatest weapon." -Taaveti of Kelsinko, Elvish Hunter

"We orphans of Fyndhorn have found no welcome in this alien place." -Taaveti of Kelsinko, elvish hunter (Yavimaya Ancients)

"If you call the wolves, ensure you have a worthy hunt, or you may become the hunted." -Taaveti of Kelsinko, elvish hunter (Sound the Call)

"With a bow like this, the hunting is always good." -Taaveti of Kelsinko, Elvish Hunter (Fyndhorn Bow)

"Don't be so quick to reclaim the thawing lands. They might have acquired a taste for freedom." -Taaveti of Kelsinko, elvish hunter (Wilderness Elemental)

"Our Elvish Hunter Taaveti led us swiftly along hidden paths through the dense forest. We caught the Orcs from behind, and completely by surprise." -Lucilde Fiksdotter, Leader of the Order of the White Shield (Trailblazer)

"I have been a warrior for over four hundred years, and yet each generation of Kjeldorans teaches me new tricks. There can be no better allies." -Taaveti of Kelsinko, Elvish Hunter (Formation)

"It is the work of sorcery. Burn it" -Taaveti of Kelsinko, Elvish Hunter (Undergrowth)

"Beautiful, indeed -but one sting could fell a Giant in a heartbeat." -Taaveti of Kelsinko, Elvish Hunter (Deadly Insect)

"To bring her down we must be on all sides at once -leave one avenue open and we'll all be dead." -Taaveti of Kelsinko, elvish hunter (Johtull Wurm)

"I breathed deeply, and suddenly I knew not who or where I was." -Taaveti of Kelsinko, elvish hunter (Fyndhorn Pollen)

"We need not fear the forces of the air; I've yet to see a spider without an appetite." -Taaveti of Kelsinko, elvish hunter (Woolly Spider)

"Ouphes love trinkets and love to take them apart. I only wish they wouldn't do so with the magical ones." -Taaveti of Kelsinko, Elvish Hunter (Brown Ouphe)

"It's odd to see the apes rip down trees to arm themselves in defense of their forests." -Taaveti of Kelsinko, elvish hunter (Simian Brawler)

"We are never without guidance, if we but seek it." -Taaveti of Kelsinko, elvish hunter (Elvish Spirit Guide)

"How can any Human hope to match our skills? We are children of Fyndhorn, and its sap runs in our veins." -Taaveti of Kelsinko, Elvish Hunter (Elvish Ranger)