Tahngarth, a young (20 years old) Talruum minotaur, is a towering mass of strength and, it must be admitted, vanity. Gruff and impatient, he is the Weatherlight's first mate under Sisay, a position he shared with Gerrard for a time. Now Gerrard has returned as the ship's captain, and Tahngarth serves his new commander in the same capacity, but doubts whether the roguish human has either the commitment or the skill to lead the crew. Nevertheless, Tahngarth is an excellent second-in-command, and is respected as the crew's armsmaster. He is formidable in combat--powerful and extremely fast given his massive size.

Tahngarth, first mate of the Weatherlight under Sisay, knows that there are really only two forms of life: the ugly ones and the minotaurs. A narcissist, he considers the condition of his hide as important as the accuracy of his blade.

Tahngarth was a Talruum Minotaur that went on to become a member of the Weatherlight crew. Born with a brown coat, Tahngarth was considered by his race to be very handsome. Early in life Tahngarth met Sisay, who was a well known hero from the events in the Mirage block. Tahngarth joined her crew on the Weatherlight, quickly proving himself a valuable member and became her first mate.

Tahngarth was very loyal to Captain Sisay, but did not get along with the entire crew. The antics of Squee the cabin goblin infuriated Tahngarth to no end, and Tahngarth did not entirely trust fellow crew member Gerrard. Gerrard left the crew after the death of Rofellos and Tahngarth considered this a traitorous act.

After Gerrard left, Sisay was abducted to Rath and Tahngarth reluctantly asked Gerrard to return to the crew to help save Sisay. Once the Weatherlight planeshifted to Rath it was instantly attacked by the Predator flagship. During the Attack Karn was taken captive and Tahngarth jumped to the Predator in an attempt to save him. Tahngarth fought and was overpowered by Captain Greven il-Vec leading to Tahngarth and Karn being taken captive.

Once taken, Tahngarth and Karn were subjected to torture. Volrath planned to brainwash and mutate Tahngarth to use him as part of Greven’s crew. Gerrard and company rescued Tahngarth before he was brainwashed, but his body was nearly unrecognizable from the scorching ray Volrath had used on him. Tahngarth later admitted he thought his scars were a curse from the gods for his vanity.

After the Phyrexian Invasion, Sisay, Squee and Tahngarth were given a new ship which Sisay christened Victory. The three then went off to find more adventures.

Tahngarth is is rough, tough, and ready to fight at a moment’s notice.

Tahngarth is captured by Greven il'Vec, and mutated by the Phyrexians. He is aghast at his new form, but escapes with the Weatherlight.

"Taste my horns" -Tahngarth of the Weatherlight (Tahngarth)

"Where I come from, stone stays on the ground." -Tahngarth of the Weatherlight (Flowstone Wyvern)

"Hold your position Leave doubt for the dying" -Tahngarth of the Weatherlight (Staunch Defenders)

"Nothing ruins your day like a blazing zombie." -Tahngarth (Deadapult)

As he gritted his teeth to focus through the pain, Tahngarth glanced at Takara. She seemed completely unaffected. (Specter's Wail)

"Remember me?" Tahngarth roared. "Now I'll repay you for my stay on Rath" (Maniacal Rage)

"When the fishtails' threats of magic didn't move me, they set their pet on us." -Tahngarth of the Weatherlight (Tolarian Serpent)

"You want to know your enemy? Look at your feet while you trample him." -Tahngarth of the Weatherlight (Overrun)

"Nobody stands in one place better than a mogg." -Tahngarth (Mogg Sentry)

"These kavu are so stubborn they even refuse to die." -Tahngarth (Penumbra Kavu)

"General?" Tahngarth roared. "General nuisance, maybe." (Squee, Goblin Nabob)

"It's not Talruum crystal, but I must admit -it gets the job done." -Tahngarth (Flaming Sword)

"I believe it when they say they're connected to the land -looks like somebody plowed her face." -Tahngarth of the Weatherlight (Hurloon Shaman)

"These horn-haters say no gods but theirs exist. I say let him find out for himself -right now" -Tahngarth of the Weatherlight (Benalish Missionary)

"Torahn gore these shifty fishtails You can't even get close to one." -Tahngarth of the Weatherlight (Vodalian Illusionist)

"Fishtails infest the water, and mists walk the land. Give me simple solid rock any day." -Tahngarth of the Weatherlight (Phantom Warrior)

"Torahn's horns They've seen us. Now, statue, you must fight to save yourself" -Tahngarth, aboard the Predator (Mogg Conscripts)

"You lot go on ahead. I'll keep killing them until it sticks." -Tahngarth (Ferocity)

"Is it wrong to go straight for what you want? Sneaking is for cats and goblins." -Tahngarth of the Weatherlight (Charging Rhino)

"They're ugly, and they're in my way." -Tahngarth (Smash)

"I've seen fog so thick you could cut it, but none that could cut me." -Tahngarth of the Weatherlight (Fog Elemental)

"Volrath has killed me. All that remains of me is the scar" -Tahngarth (Torment)

"Blasted fishtails It's not enough that they meddle with my head, but they twist my body as well." -Tahngarth of the Weatherlight (Merfolk Thaumaturgist)

The match between Tahngarth and Greven was close only in the mind of the minotaur. (Hand to Hand)

"Maybe we can trap them with bait," thought Tahngarth, eyeing Squee. (Avizoa)

"Faugh" snorted Tahngarth. "Why would it make a meal of something like you?" Squee looked relieved. "No," he continued, "you'd make a much better toothpick." (Lowland Giant)

Brawl, Coalition Victory, Hand to Hand, Powerstone Minefield, Torment, Torture Chamber, Volrath's Curse, Watchdog