Takara banishes the shadow of her father's ignoble reputation through the dedication, plain speaking, and swift action of a warrior. By refusing Starke's path of self-interest and opportunism, she has learned what he never will know: the value of sacrifice for a worthy cause.

Takara was imprisoned by Volrath as a means to control Starke. She remained imprisoned even after Volrath disguised himself as her, and hid on the Weatherlight when it left Rath for Mercadia. She was freed by Eladamri when he infiltrated the Stronghold, and joined him when he escaped to Dominaria.

"Volrath stole everything there was of me." -Takara

"I have seen and heard much here. There are secrets within secrets. Let me show you." -Takara, to Eladamri (Accumulated Knowledge)

"Takara, it's me" shouted Starke. It was no use -she obeyed Volrath. (Heat of Battle)

As he gritted his teeth to focus through the pain, Tahngarth glanced at Takara. She seemed completely unaffected. (Specter's Wail)

Starke knew the voice was Takara's, but the venom was Volrath's. (Vendetta)

Takara shook with guilt. She knew the last image her father had seen was her sword flashing toward him. (Bandage)