Rising hundreds of feet high out of Akoum's basin is the ruin site known as Tal Terig, or "The Puzzle Tower." One of the most famous sites on the continent, the ruin's exterior is a pillar of seemingly randomly assembled geometric shapes of all sizes—ranging from tiny decorative cubes jutting from the surface to enormous tetrahedrons, making up a significant portion of the structure, twenty feet on a side. The angles and lines of the tower appear to defy the bounds of logic; some have reported headaches and nosebleeds after looking at its surface for short spans of time.

The portion of Tal Terig that juts above the surface of the ground is a tiny fraction of the huge tower's size. While twenty or so floors jut out into the sky, another two hundred lay buried beneath the crystal and stone.

As expected, the site is as deadly as it is valuable. Spirits haunt the halls, as do many constructs and traps placed to guard against graverobbers. Magical traps line each and every hall, and the magic of the vaults is such that the halls of the spire rotate and cycle, ensuring that no trap learned by explorers stays exactly the same for long. The sound of grinding stone carries for miles from the tower, and it's a sound that tells the few creatures brave enough to serve as guides that all their hard-earned information about the layout of the ruin has just become obsolete.