Wildfire is the realm of djinns and efreets, and Emberwilde is the name of the order of mages dedicated to the Wildfire realm - it is a commonly used compression of the Mages of the Emberwilde Order. Talibah is a thug with power. However, her tone becomes very enlightened and "less aggressive" when referring to Wildfire.

"Comfortable even in a furnace? I've never met one who'd accept my wager." -Talibah, embermage (Suq'Ata Firewalker)

"Struggle, and you will only fan the flames." -Talibah, embermage

Conjured from the bowels of hell, the fiery wall forms an impassable barrier, searing the soul of any creature attempting to pass through its terrible bursts of flame.

The erupting flames work as both barrier and weapon.

Mercy is for those who keep their distance. (Wall of Fire)

"There are times solid ground gives precious little comfort." -Talibah, embermage

"We were ready for an attack from the front, sides, or back -but the mage hit us from below." -Veteran soldier

"Within each of you is the strength of a landslide." -Kumano, to his pupils (Spitting Earth)

"In all my years I've only met one mage who successfully trapped a djinn -and none who tried and failed." -Talibah, embermage (Benthic Djinn)