Tarkir is a plane, a world driven by strife. Over a thousand years ago, dragons warred with humans (and other races) for supremacy of the plane. Originally, Nicol Bolas slew Ugin, eliminating the dragon tempests which spawned the dragons. Thus ultimately, the dragons went extinct on Tarkir, leading to a world where five clans feuded with each other.

However, Sarkhan Vol traveled back in time, and prevented Ugin's death. The dragons thrived rather than going extinct. In fact, they emerged victorious in their war of supremacy against the nascent clans and their khans. In the new timeline, Tarkir became a world dominated by dragons.

One unique feature of Tarkir is the Dragon Tempests. On Tarkir, Dragons spawn from storms known as Dragon Tempests. These storms are caused by Ugin's presence in the plane; in the timeline where he perished, the tempests died out and the dragons were driven to extinction.

Countries and Realms of Tarkir

Geographical Features on Tarkir

NameGeography Type
Dragon's ThroatValley
Gurmag SwampsSwamp
Karakyk ValleyValley
Molderfang FallsWaterfall

Cities on Tarkir


Tarkir of the Dragons
Tarkir of the Khans
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