Tel-Jilad, the Tree of Tales, is an ancient tree in the Tangle. It is the sanctum of the ancient trolls, keepers of the secret of Mirrodin's origin. The surface of Tel-Jilad is carved with runes engraved there by the Tel-Jilad trolls over hundreds of years.

"The secret of this world weighs upon us, and we have been shaped by time and duty to bear it." (Trolls of Tel-Jilad)

They are extensions of the Tangle, stretching its vines into the furthest reaches of the sky. (Tel-Jilad Archers)

"It is my honor to keep safe Tel-Jilad's secrets, not to know them." (Tel-Jilad Chosen)

"The Tangle loans you life. Spend it well." (Tel-Jilad Lifebreather)

Near Tel-Jilad, the Tangle is almost silent, save for the trolls' chants and the skittering of needlebugs. (Needlebug)

"No longer am I shackled to antiquity. My new masters will etch a glorious future." (Tel-Jilad Fallen)

Thanks to the wolves, Tel-Jilad is the one area of Mirrodin the myr don't see often. (Tel-Jilad Wolf)

"When the levelers come again, we shall be ready for them." (Tel-Jilad Outrider)

"He watches from above. He watches from below. He watches from within." -Inscription on Tel-Jilad, the Tree of Tales (Cloudpost)

The Viridian elves had purged their culture of the trolls' traitorous influence. In times of strife, however, the ancestral memories returned. (Tel-Jilad Defiance)

Tel-Jilad's sworn protectors are the trolls, yet more fearsome protectors were created by the Tangle itself. (Ageless Entity)

Etched on Tel-Jilad's trunk is an entire history of Mirrodin -except for an expanse near the ground scrubbed smooth by an unknown hand. (Tel-Jilad Stylus)

For his crimes, he was made to forget all the trolls' secrets. Now he knows only that he is outcast, but not why. (Tel-Jilad Exile)

Tel-Jilad, sanctum of the ancient trolls, keepers of the secret of Mirrodin's origin. (Tree of Tales)

Forest (NP1), Green Sun's Zenith, Tree of Tales