Telim'Tor was born to a large Suq'Ata family of noble blood. The family had made its wealth through crusades and expeditions, and as such Telim and his three brothers were expected to join the army. Only Telim and Husam'Tor lived beyond their second year in the army. They were the youngest of the two and missed out on some of Suq'Ata's more hazardous campaigns. Husam was a great strategist while Telim was rather dull and unimaginative but had an ability to get good results through threats and brutality. Throughout their careers Telim worked under Husam--a position he deeply resented.

Then came the expedition to the deep Ekundu mountains. Husam led a large number of troops into the mountains to recover a horde of priceless maps lost in a goblin attack upon a royal caravan. Things did not go well for the expedition, and Husam was fatally injured. Telim eagerly took command and was able to save the maps but at the cost of 90 percent of the expedition. Upon returning to Amiqat, Telim told of how Husam had led them to near disaster and how Telim had saved the expedition and the few remaining troops. The survivors maintained their silence, expecting a big reward. This they received a few nights later when each one died a grizzly death. Telim, however, was promoted and given access to the army's personal artificiers.

Telim always had a love for toys; he instructed the artificiers to produce a small array of strange but devious weapons and trinkets, which became his trademark in the following years.

Telim'Tor is currently a respected and feared figure in Jamuraa. His armies are brutal and famed for taking no prisoners. The merest infraction of protocol in his legions results in death, and it is said that any abandoned campsite can be identified as Telim'Tor's if it has a headless corpse buried there. Telim's success is not associated with military genius but pure brutality. The current war has been a trying time for Telim'Tor, for he fights beasts and dragons who are not cowed by his reputation. Still he struggles on, and his brutality has lent him the element of surprise on many occasions.

Telim is certainly not the brightest of characters. He is easily impressed by the smallest of artifacts but is difficult to impress with anything else.

"Execution awaits the dissenter." -Kasib ibn Naji, Letters (Telim'Tor)

"The curious merely amass knowledge. The ambitious use it." -Telim'Tor (Telim'Tor)

"People laughed at my darts -once." -Telim'Tor (Telim'Tor)

"Amazing thing, gravity. It seems to work every time." -Telim'Tor (Razor Pendulum)

"The true dishonor for a soldier is surviving the war." -Telim'Tor

"This scar? From a zombie's teeth. This scar? From a barbarian's axe. That scar? I don't talk about that one."

"Any fool can pick up a sword and charge into battle. To emerge alive at the end, that is a gift that comes from leadership and experience." (Infantry Veteran)

"Far too many soldiers have died in their beds." -Telim'Tor (Breathstealer's Crypt)

"A pretty toy. Now show me its tactical applications." -Telim'Tor (Diamond Kaleidoscope)

"Never stop 'til you see your lance come out the other side." -Telim'Tor (Suq'Ata Lancer)

Telim'Tor could no longer recall the exact number of assaults -but his troops could. (Wall of Resistance)