The Temple of Radiance sits atop a tiny spit of rock that juts from the waters of Thalasia, the bottommost layer of Elysium. It is a temple to Pelor, god of the sun, built in the classic style. Walls, columns, and arches measure out the forms of various rooms and chambers - including a large central chapel - but none of these areas has even the pretense of a roof or other covering. The entire building is open to the sky so that worshipers may follow the sun along its celestial journey.

Some claim that this was the very first shrine ever built in Pelor’s name; others say that it is merely the most beautiful. Whatever the truth, the Temple of Radiance is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations for worshipers who have the wherewithal to travel to and within Elysium. The temple generally receives anywhere from a dozen to several hundred visitors per day.

Of course, since the Temple of Radiance is so highly valued by worshipers, it occasionally comes under attack from enemies of Pelor (in particular, by worshipers of Nerull). To protect the pilgrims from this and other dangers, a cadre of holy warriors, known as the Radiant Guardians, protect the island. The Radiant Guardians are cautious if visitors arrive heavily armed, but they will welcome anyone who has come to worship at the Temple.

The temple is a planar touchstone, granting abilities to those faithful who know its secrets.