Teysa is a smart, savvy Ozhov lawmage. With a few well-chosen words and a couple of well-planned smiles, she can make practically anyone dance to her tune. In addition to her intelligence, she also has a powerful family heritage. But even someone as intelligent and ambitious as her can be used by the guilds. Unfortunately for them, she has the resources and smarts to fight back.

Teysa serves as the official Orzhov envoy to those outside the guild. As the guild Scion, she is a member of the Obzedat, the Ghost Council that controls Orzhov.

The greedy, patriarchal ghosts of the Obzedat and the bickering leaders of the various cartels tend to be poor spokespeople for the Orzhov Syndicate. The human Teysa Karlov has taken a special, unprecedented position called "Grand Envoy," serving as the official speaker and ambassador for the members of the Obzedat ghost council. Once an advocate and lawmage who was instrumental in forging the current wording of the Guildpact, Teysa is now of middle age, her youthful resourcefulness streaked with wisdom and perspective. She has grown into her ambition well; her unique position allows her not only to express the will of the Deathless, but also to mold policy for her guild. Teysa is not the official ruler of the guild—the Obzedat still holds that position—but many believe that to cross Teysa is to cross the entire Syndicate.

"The Gruul embrace all things poisonous and living in the cracks of society." -Teysa Karlov, Grand Envoy of Orzhov (Wasteland Viper)

"The Simic can grow anything out of a puddle of sludge. I just hope they never join forces with the Golgari." -Teysa Karlov, Grand Envoy of Orzhov (Mystic Genesis)

"The fine print of countless contracts has ensured we are never defenseless." -Teysa Karlov, Grand Envoy of Orzhov (Immortal Servitude)

"The Obzedat have revived you with purpose. Don't squander their blessing." -Teysa Karlov, Grand Envoy of Orzhov

"I hear that Boros is losing its angels to the Gateless Movement. I'm sure this comes as no surprise to you." -Teysa, to Lazav (Urbis Protector)

"Piece the tragic notes together and is it not a melody?" -Teysa (Cryptwailing)

"It's easy to see why those Gruul dirtbags follow him -the only orders he gives are 'Crush them' and 'We eat'" -Teysa (Borborygmos)

"The Selesnya are gathering armies. Do you still believe they aren't preparing for war?" -Teysa, to Isperia (Horncaller's Chant)

"We do not believe in hiding our wealth in the shadows. This is Orzhov, and this is how we reward greatness." -Teysa Karlov, Grand Envoy of Orzhov (Orzhov Guildgate)

Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts, Teysa, Orzhov Scion