Thalia was one of Gavony's most promising cathars. As a young inquisitor, soldier, and vampire slayer, she proved her worth soon after graduating from the academy at the Elgaud Grounds. She was an excellent swordsperson, besting old vampires of several bloodlines and earning a reputation for cunning on the battlefield, all within months of becoming a cathar. But it was her obstinately caring soul that distinguished her and earned her a place among Thraben's elite ranks.

When she was only a second-year cathar, she attracted the attention of a man called Lothar, the so-called Guardian of Thraben, a revered soldier who led a force of elite protectors in service of the Lunarch. Lothar witnessed Thalia charging into an entire howlpack of Krallenhorde werewolves to rescue a single old man, and was impressed with her selfless valor. The young cathar slashed and fought and risked everything for a single innocent soul, and Lothar made her part of his elite guardians that very day. Soon, she rose to become Lothar's second in command, entrusted to help him defend the High City of Thraben.

As Lothar's trusted right hand, Thalia learned of the Helvault, the great silver obelisk in the Cathedral courtyard. She learned that the Helvault was a protected holy relic of the Avacynian Church, but she was not told the secret: that the missing archangel Avacyn had become imprisoned within it.

Valuing Thraben safety over all else, Thalia led her finest soldiers to defend the Helvault from Liliana Vess. In the end, when forced to save either the Helvault or her warriors, Thalia chose her men. The Helvault then split asunder, releasing every bound demons, as well as Avacyn, the archangel.

"Thraben is our home and I will not see it fall to this unhallowed horde."

"Holy places are no longer sanctuary from death, and death is no longer sanctuary from anything." - Thalia, Knight-Cathar (Blasphemous Act)

"Grab an axe and defend the gate! Your despair is an extravagance we can ill afford." —Thalia, Knight-Cathar (Burden of Guilt)

"Our world is vast, but Thraben is its heart. The cathedral must stand even if the hinterlands are lost." - Thalia, Knight-Cathar (Evolving Wilds)

"Avacyn emerged from the broken Helvault, but her freedom came at a price—him." - Thalia, Knight-Cathar (Griselbrand)

"I trust myself to do my duty, even unto death. It's what comes after that I'm afraid of." —Constable Visil, to Thalia (Loyal Cathar)

"Just fight without fear. Your soul is protected by the hand of Avacyn and will never submit to evil." - Thalia, to Constable Visil (Unhallowed Cathar)

"Their hearts beat, their lungs draw breath, and they have one true form. I count them as allies of the living." - Thalia, Knight-Cathar (Moonveil Dragon)

"No one chooses to be stitched together into a skaab. If it could speak, it would beg for its own destruction." - Thalia, Knight-Cathar (Rebuke)

"As long as we can utter a prayer or lift a weapon, we have the power to fight back." —Thalia, Knight-Cathar (Spare from Evil)

"If you think you've killed one, guess again."- Thalia, Knight-Cathar (Vorapede)

"Never flinch from the truth." (Confront the Unknown)

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