Located just across the street from the Sensate headquarters is a tiny little cider shop known as the Greengage. This is the establishment of the halfling Marda Farambler. Marda followed her adventurous husband out to the planes, and after he got himself killed, she decided to stay. Scraping up what little money she had, she bought this place. Over the years it's earned a fine reputation, although it's not popular with big folks. Marda, it seems, refused to bow to common sense and built the place to a proper scale. The commons are both immense and cozy to short folk, but the seating is cramped for anyone over four feet in height. A cutter might think that small drawback'd be the end of the business, but the Greengage is popular with the communities of gnomes and halflings found in Sigil. Marda specializes in cider, both unfermented and hard, from the orchards of the goddess Sheela Peryroyl. The latter cider is such a potent brew that Marda normally allows only two tankards per customer - it's sure sign of her trust in a basher when he gets more than this in a single night. Nobody knows how she manages to get this rare brew, but most guess it's a repayment for a debt owed to her late husband.