A tale of Dominaria

The battle for the Mirari, a mysterious and powerful artifact, has ended. The mighty barbarian Kamahl has been embraced by the Krosan forest and claims the Mirari in its name - but his trials aren't over yet. The Cabal still holds the continent of Otaria firmly in its merciless grip, and fearsome new threats have appeared

The dementia summoner Braids has corrupted Kamahl's sister Jeska and transformed her into Phage, a vicious pit fighter whose very touch means death. As Kamahl desperately seeks a way to restore his sister, Phage and Braids expand the Cabal Patriarch's power. With both women at the helm of the Cabal's operations, they build the Grand Coliseum, the new hub of the dark empire. This showcase for brutal pit fights elevates these barbaric matches into a glorious spectacle that attracts an audience from all over Dominaria... an audience hungry for any form of entertainment. The arena also attracts hordes of hopeful fighters from among the refugees - elves, goblins, wizards, and others - who flock to Otaria seeking relief from homelands still devastated by the Phyrexian invasion.

One such pit fighter is the master illusionist Ixidor, but after a disasterous match, the Cabal deprives him of everything he has ever loved. When he discovers a vast hidden power within himself, he seeks vengeance on the author of his misery: Phage. Kamahl is forced into an uneasy alliance with the Cabal in order to protect Phage from this sorceror. But Ixidor has a powerfully ally: Akroma, an angelic figure sworn to Ixidor's service and determined to destroy Phage.

As Kamahl fights to hold Ixidor and Akroma at bay long enough to heal his sister, the Mirari continues to exert its influence. Now infused with the growth potential of green mana, its power mutates and changes the Krosan Forest, then starts to spreak across Otaria. When all these forces collide, it may mean the end of Kamahl, the end of Otaria, and perhaps even the end of the world.

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