The Order was a militaristic religious group on Otaria. It was composed primarily of the Daru and other human warriors, and aven.

"We help our Southern Order comrades as much as we can. But the Cabal's insidious influence spreads, dividing our forces and leaving new arrivals to fend for themselves." -Commander Eesha (Airborn Aid)

Every day, Order clerics contain as much of the Mirari's energy as possible, hoping to delay Otaria's demise. (Aura Extinction)

He represents what little pride the Order has left. (Aven Brigadier)

Although the Order frowned upon his preparations for the pits, behind closed doors most saw the fights as a necessary evil. (Daru Lancer)

"Only on the battlefield can we repay all the Order has given us." (Defensive Maneuvers)

"When the skies are filled with flames, the brave shall step forward to quench them." -Order prophecy (Dragonstalker)

Those who most feel guilt don't need to, while those who most need to feel guilt never do. -Order proverb (Guilty Conscience)

Cabal spies trying to follow the Order's movements are constantly frustrated by tracks that stop dead. (Gustcloak Runner)

Pardic barbarians didn't complain when the Order started blaming every crisis on the Cabal. (Starstorm)

"The Cabal and the Order really aren't that different. After all, we are both empowered by faith." (Vile Deacon)

"Now that I have your attention, perhaps I can tell you of the Order." (Whipgrass Entangler)