The Plane of Shadow is an ever-changing landscape of stark contrast. The sky is always black and the land a powdery white, with no shade or hue anywhere (except for subtle gray tones that hint at an object’s texture and depth). In one area, however, the line of stark delineation ripples and blurs—the Veil.

From a distance, the Veil looks like a small dust devil or smoke from a smoldering fire. But as one draws closer, it becomes clear that the Veil is even more ephemeral. It is a ripple in the air, a distortion through which colors appear to morph into their opposites and back again many times a second. Since the only two colors on the Plane of Shadow are black and white, this means that anything viewed through the Veil has a soft gray tone, almost like highly realistic drawings done in charcoal.

Creatures native to the plane find this effect disturbing, even profane, and avoid it at all costs. Some of them believe that merely looking through the Veil can addle a person’s mind, making it difficult for him to make decisions or understand opposing concepts. Visitors are more likely to see it as a peculiar but intriguing natural wonder.

The Veil is a planar touchstone, and those characters who know its secrets can gain abilities of concealment.