Individuals are falling under the influence of the Throckmorton Device, which will not begin operation for another ten years. Indeed, it has not even been invented yet.

All about the island are individuals who feel a newfound sense of purpose, but just what this “purpose” is, they are not so sure. Their friends note remarkable changes in attitude. They begin to dislike things that are otherwise ordinary on Al Amarja. They are fascist secret agents for a police state that has not yet materialized. Each operative works independently, completely unaware of the other operatives on the island. Currently they are amassing files on deviants, assassinating the troublesome, and achieving positions of power within both legitimate and illicit circles.

The Throckmorton Device has various effects on people depending on how fully they’ve been dominated. Ultimately, if not stopped, the Throckmorton Device could transform Clyde Throckmorton's dream of world domination into reality.


Akio MorimotoHuman
Angela ReyesHumanAcademic
Barber HammockMutantPsychic
Clyde ThrockmortonHumanEntrepreneur
Emer O'TilleryHuman
Ghadir AllemiHuman
Lou FarazziHumanEntrepreneur
Malak SuzierHumanPsychic
Ricardo MartinezHuman
Yvonne PachecoHuman
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