Thrun is a troll ascetic and shaman. He is the last troll on Mirrodin, an outcast from his kind.

His crime was silence, and now he suffers it eternally.

The troll Thrun lives like a hermit even as his home in the Tangle becomes tainted by Phyrexian intrusion. In his heart he carries the truth of Glissa's innocence and of Memnarch's treachery, and he bears it on his skin as well—he has tattooed this and many other tales onto his copper-plated hide. He's come to understand the nature of the Phyrexian threat, and because of his age and wisdom, he knows exactly what the Phyrexians will do to the world. He must decide whether to be a harbinger of the destruction or continue to shun contact in his dark lair.

And until he makes up his mind, nothing—nothing—is going to budge him.

"Let my ignominy build walls thicker than iron and stronger than darksteel." -Thrun, the last troll (Asceticism)

Most believe the trolls have gone extinct. As long as I live, they're wrong. -Inscribed in the skin of Thrun, the Last Troll

The wisdom of Tel-Jilad cannot die, even if its etchings become tainted. The history of Mirrodin cannot end, even if its heart goes foul. -Inscribed on the skin of Thrun, the last troll

The one who once saved this world was branded as a Traitor, and a Traitor she became. -Inscribed on the skin of Thrun, the last troll

Asceticism, Thrun, the Last Troll