The student of an Innistrad necromancer, Tibalt tried to follow in his master's footsteps, cobbling and reanimating corpses. But he lacked the talent and discipline for the dark, exacting work. Nursing a growing seed of hatred fed by his own failures and isolation, he began to turn his talents toward the realm of the living. His experiments tested the ability of living organisms to withstand pain.

Tibalt used only vermin at first but then moved on to larger animals and eventually humans. As if summoned by the evil nature of these new experiments, devils began to gather near Tibalt's laboratory at night, whispering in their strange chittering tongue. In time the devils offered Tibalt insights into what fascinated him most: the true nature of pain. Filled with a sense of power, Tibalt grew more sadistic and more careless, oblivious to the whisperings of the townsfolk.

It was only a short time before an inquisitors kicked down the door of his laboratory. Cornered in a room filled with jabbering devils and torture devices, Tibalt should have been executed for jailed for life. But at that moment he invoked a potent and hateful spell built from the devil's utterances and his own grim discoveries. The spell fused his own essence with theirs—at the cost of inflicting on him all the pain he had inflicted on others. In the moment, Tibalt's planeswalker spark ignited and flung him across the Mulitverse, away from the inquisitors' blades. Now half-human, half-devil, Tibalt is free to practice his "art" on countless planes.

Tibalt's calling has always been in inflicting pain and torment, whether it's terrorizing shepherds in woodland villages in Kessig or chasing cathars from their fiend-slaying duties in Thraben. He has tormented innocents on Innistrad as his whims guided him, but now he wonders whether other planes might hold opportunities for mischief on a greater scale. Wherever the dapper pain mage finds himself, panicked screams are sure to follow.

Sorin vs. Tibalt, Tibalt the Fiend-Blooded