A complex tower of hammered metal plates completely dominates this enormous cylindri-cal chamber, leaving no more than 15 feet between the structure's exterior and the unfinished walls ot Baphomet's endless labyrinth. No entrances mark the 200-foor-rall tower at ground level, but numerous bridges connect the sirucrure to tunnels leading off from the chamber at several different heights. The tower's dome roof, reminiscent of an observatory, bears a wide groove rhar exposes the circular chamber wirhin. The chamber can rotate and extend a set of stairs to reach any of thirteen different passages Leading elsewhere in the maze. The tower has a diameter of 80 feet.

Each of the tower's sixteen floors focuses upon a different science of interesr to Baphomet, including such devotions as torture, dearh, skinning, taxidermy, vivisection, dissection, flesh grafting, breeding experimentation, and the construcrion of new skeletal frameworks by mixing and matching bones from hundreds of different donor creatures. In chambers below the tower, Baphomet labors over completely original demonic breeds crafted from the discarded bones and flesh of his failed experiments, resulting in several original breeds including the bulezaus, ghours, goristros, and worse. The least dependable and most violent of these creatures soon find themselves bound in the subterranean Maze of the Misbegotten. Able subjects are cast our of rhe tower, which they reflexively protect as the site of their origin. Baphomet spends more time in the Tower of Science than anywhere else, including his chambers in the Lyktion,