Located in a side street behind the day market, just across from the Prison, this smoke-spewing smithy produces fine nonmagical armor. The ancient dwarf Traban specializes in highly ornamental plate mail, suitable for triumphs, parades, and battle. All work is done to order and costs five-to-one thousand times the normal price, depending on the workmanship.

Traban's assisted in his work by his son Traban-son, grandson Tarholt, great-grandson Tarholtson, and an adopted ogre, Coal-chewer. The latter, with the family since he was orphaned at two, is an experiment of Tarholt's, who's curious to see if an ogre raised in proper dwarf fashion can be reformed. So far, Coal-chewer hasn't killed anyone. The family came to Sigil from Krynn about 120 years ago, as part of a small exodus of dwarves to the Outer Planes. Traban's got no plans to ever go back, although his children are all curious to see the homeland again.