Tritons are aquatic humanoids. They differ from merfolk in that the lower body of a merfolk is fishlike, while a triton's lower body is humanoid, complete with legs. Tritons have aquatic features such as fin-like ears and fins along their bodies, however their face is still mostly human-looking. For more fish-like races, see Fishfolk.

Tritons are partially amphibious - they can breathe air for several days at a time but must spend time in water to keep their gills soft.

Tritons are sometimes allied with merfolk.

Tritons borrow the camouflage of their oceanic prey to become predators on land. (Crypsis)

Subraces and Variants

Triton (Changeling)Arcadia (World of Darkness)
Zendikar MerfolkZendikar

Triton Cavalry, Triton Fortune Hunter, Triton Shorewalker, Triton Tactics, Wavecrash Triton

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