Creatures described as trolls have one of the widest ranges of physical types. Aside from being generally humanoid, trolls can vary between almost giant-sized to as small as sprites.

In games, most trolls are larger and stronger than humans, and very resilient, but less intelligent. Many varieties regenerate, regrowing lost body parts and healing quickly. Other game variants are extraordinarily tough, with a tough hide.

Subraces and Variants

Chill BillSkylands
Cudgel TrollDominia
Deep TrollItharia
Eternal TrollShadow Era
Forest TrollFree Realms
Great Horned TrollMid Realms
Grintmaw TrollPoxnora
Grotto TrollMid Realms
Horned TrollDominia
Ice Troll (Azeroth)Azeroth
Jungle TrollAzeroth
Lowland TrollMid Realms
Marshpits TrollEntrath
Mountain TrollLarisnar
Sea TrollUlgrotha
Shard TrollDreamscape
Skylands TrollSkylands
Skyshroud TrollDominia
Tel-Jilad TrollMirrodin
Troll (Anduvia)Anduvia
Troll (Azeroth)Azeroth
Troll (Changeling)World of Darkness
Troll (Shadowrun)Shadowrun
Valley TrollMid Realms
Wasteland TrollDungeons and Dragons Settings
Woodland TrollMid Realms
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