The Tuktuk tribe is a large tribe of goblins living on Zendikar.

The Tuktuk tribe's leader is not exactly a goblin. A goblin explored deep into an ancient ruin, where he triggered an ancient magical rune-trap that instantly killed and then, bizarrely, replicated him. This replica possessed fragmented memories as well as fragmented commands from the magic that animated it, but the two sets of experiences proved incompatible. The replication process aborted, leaving a stone body that mostly looked like a goblin.

The construct managed to return to its home. His name, "Tuktuk," taken from an obscure goblin concept related to bravery, took on new meaning based on the ticking sound emanating from his body. It was obvious to the rest of his tribe that he had brought something amazing back from the ruins, and his physical strength was clearly amplified. As such, the tribe made him chief, and he has been leading them for fifty years—much longer than an average goblin's natural lifespan, and nearly five times the length of an average goblin's actual lifespan.

Tuktuk's conflicting internal motivations, through bizarre chance, make it an excellent goblin leader. The construct mind within it wants to keep certain ancient sites undisturbed, so it is able to steer its tribe clear of dangerous areas of ruins. Even more helpfully, the replica partially understands some of the relics that his tribe's adventurers return with. Compared to goblins of other tribes, a Tuktuk shaman is much more likely to actually know how to activate relics he has recovered. Whether it's a good idea to do so is another question entirely.


Tuktuk Scrapper