Tundra Orcs are frozen reavers with a Summoning Stone of their own, as well as plans for grisly conquest.

The blue-skinned hulks shift restlessly. Hot breath roils from their mouths and noses in clouds of white vapor. "Today, we bathe in the blood of our enemies", howls the Tundra Orc Summoner. "For honor and for glory", thunder the Orc armies in unified reply.

The Tundra Orcs are savage and reckless. They rely on brute physical strength to overcome the obstacles in their way.

The Painless is a cult-like subdivision of Tundra Orcs that believe a true warrior becomes unable to feel pain. The warriors of the Painless, known as chargers, hurl themselves headlong into a fray, uncaring of the horrendous wounds they may suffer. An enemy may take grim satisfaction in putting a blade through a charger's belly, but that will quickly fade when the charger merely growls in annoyance.

Tundra Orc Berserker, Tundra Orc Crusher, Tundra Orc Shaman, Tundra Orc Shooter

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