A tale of Shadowfist

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The Purists manipulate the Dragons into retrieving 5 powerful, magical artifacts which the Purists plan to use to cast a spell allowing them to attune to all of the Feng Shui Sites in the world at the same time.

Tom Donovan and Tricia Kwok team up to retrieve the Ruby Eye, which is currently in the possession of a prominent New York mobster.

Zheng Yi Quan and the Nemesis travel to China to obtain the legendary Jade Dragon, but many others would stop at nothing to obtain it for themselves.

The enigmatic John Fenris and the equally mysterious Golden Gunman track the Ivory Goddess through the bazaars of Egypt, and from there into the jungles of darkest Africa.

The Spear of Destiny is being kept at Rabenfels Castle, and only Silver Jet and Captain Jake Molloy have the skill and daring to recover it.

Dr. Amanda Snow and Dr. John Haynes meet up in the dark jungles of South America to wrest the mystifying Crystal Skull from the undead forces of Darkness.

The Dragon heroes are successful in retrieving all of the artifacts and the Purists take the artifacts to Mt. Erebus to cast the spell. The Dragons pursue them, and in the chaos of the battle, Zheng Yi Quan becomes the focus of the ritual, and attunes to all the Feng Shui sites in the world.

Mt. Erebus erupts and only Zheng Yi Quan, Athena, Tom Donovan, and Dr. John Haynes survive the conflagration.