On the whole, the plane of Pandemonium is a dark, befuddling place. The ground is generally uneven, rocky terrain, there are no natural sources of light, and winds howl constantly, bringing odd sounds from every direction. This makes it difficult, even at the best of times, for a visitor to get her orientation, and walking even a few steps can be an adventure.

Of all the disorienting places in Pandemonium, the section of tunnel known as the Unseen Path is perhaps the most baffling. Approximately 300 feet long and laid with fine cobblestones, the Unseen Path was clearly carved by some intelligent hand. Because of the nature of gravity on Pandemonium, the fact that this path wanders unpredictably from floor to wall to ceiling and back is not all that strange. What is strange is that the tunnel has been enchanted so that if one wanders off the path, gravity reverses itself, causing unwary pedestrians to unexpectedly “fall” the entire width of the tunnel (about 50 feet).

This would be troublesome enough, but there is a second enchantment on the Unseen Path. The entire length of the passageway is cloaked by a series of deeper darkness spells, making traversing the span an especially dangerous proposition.

The Unseen Path is a planar touchstone site, granting enhanced perception to those who successfully traverse its path.