Valeron stretches along the southern coast of Bant, a land of vast rolling plains dotted with copses of trees. Valeronians are renowned for their beauty, and though the elves are gone from Bant, folklore says Valeronians have some elvish blood. Valeron is famed for the quality of its horses and the expertise of its cavalry. While Valeron cannot challenge Jhess on the sea, their cavalry is so swift that they can spot raiding forces approaching their villages and shift their cavalry rapidly to meet nearly any threat.

Valeron is home to the famous Sun-Dappled Court, a grove of twelve time-honored trees

Plowbeasts of Naya escaped their harnesses in droves, content to snack on the conveniently cultivated fields of Eos and Valeron. (Vagrant Plowbeasts)

Knight-stewards guard the Sun-Dappled Court, a grove of immense, sculptured olive trees that represent Valeron's twelve noble families. (Steward of Valeron)

The Jhessian navy makes successful raids on Valeron's coastal towns thanks to their spies planted during peacetime. (Jhessian Infiltrator)

At sea, the Jhessian fleet strikes swiftly and decisively. On land, facing the elite cavalry of Valeron, its marines must rely on more cautious strategies. (Tortoise Formation)

The Sun-Dappled Court of Valeron stands secure behind a wall of steel-tipped arrows. (Court Archers)

The island nation of Jhess is under constant siege from Valeron on the mainland. Riders traverse the coastline, always on the lookout for sails or aven. (Outrider of Jhess)

After years of honing her philosophy in debate with stubborn rhoxes, Niella was ready to convert any heathen. (Valeron Outlander)

Steward of Valeron, Valeron Wardens