A series of rose-hued marble pillars leads to the iron fortress of Vanelon, which guards the pit leading to Shendilavri, domain of the succubus queen Malcanthet. Whereas most citadels of Pazunia reflect the bizarre architectures of the ancient obyriths, Malcanthet has embellished Vanelon with sweeping towers and magnificent facades that would make it fit in the most romantic of Material Plane kingdoms. Such beautiful style befits the structure's role as home to her Favored Consort, an ever-changing position filled by whatever minor demon lord manages to strike her fancy at the moment.

Its current occupant is Mastiphal, the Hunting Sovereign, a handsome fiend with bright red skin, four arms, and a rack of ibex horns upon his angular forehead. The calculating demon lord gained Malcanthet's favor by presenting her with the head of a huge fiendish smilodon slain on the hunting fields of Spirac (layer 71), but his audiences with Shendilavri's seductress have become less and less frequent recently, and Mastiphal is willing to do anything to regain her attention. His servitor glabrezu zealously patrol the pit's perimeter, bringing any interlopers to the lord's trophy-bedecked audience chamber. Only tales of an invincible wild beast are enough to dissuade him from taking lethal action against spies, since a part of him longs to be free of the walls of Vanelon and back on the hunt.