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Vedalken are intelligent, progressive humanoids with skin tone that varies from a bluish white-gray to a dusky deep blue. They have only the slightest indication of an outer ear, with no lobe or rim - just a hole that leads to the eardrum. They have nostrils but only a slight nose bridge. They have only fine body hair that's uniformly clear and light.

Vedalken are refined, sophisticated, and lawful. They typically engage in magical research and advancement on every world. In vedalken society, the pursuit of magic takes on an almost scientific purpose and methodology. Their infatuation with knowledge makes them natural Artificers and Mages.The vedalken practice artifice perhaps more than any other race. They shape metal into mystical devices that allow them to study the world and enhance their intellect. Their magic is so intertwined with artifice that their identity would be destroyed without access to metal.

Orreries, astrolabes, observatories, meteorological charts, topographical models - all of these things are like furniture to a vedalken. They are compulsive measurers and recorders of information of all kinds, but tend to focus on visual data. The vedalken are driven to understand everything around them, and are thus in a constant, intense observational state. This can give other species the unnerving impression that they're being monitored and examined, rather than talked to.

The vedalken see other beings from a cold distance, as either experimental subjects or objects of study.


On Esper, vedalken have led Esper in the use of etherium. Whereas humans tend to have relatively minor and simple etherium enhancements, vedalken make more dramatic use of the alloy. It's not uncommon for vedalken necks or abdomens to be partially replaced with etherium, for example. Powerful enchantments replace traditional biological functions.

Esper mages devised their weapons to be so devastating that war seemed unnecessary.

Art is unknown to the vedalken -for them, all creations must serve a purpose.

Information pumps like blood through vedalken society.


Vedalken believe that nothing is perfect, and nothing can ever be perfect - and they rejoice in this. Vedalken see every imperfection as a chance for improvement. They spend countless hours in the pursuit of progress, and thus they are associated with the "innovate" step of the Aether Cycle. They represent the genius brainstorm, the next idea just beyond what's currently possible, and the clever trick that solves the engineering puzzle.

Vedalken (of Kaladesh) have six thin, agile fingers on each hand, giving them unparalleled dexterity.

Subraces and Variants

Mirran VedalkenMirrodin

Vedalken Dismisser, Vedalken Entrancer, Vedalken Outlander, Vedalken Plotter