Vektreans resemble humans, though there are minor differences. While most Vektreans have caucasian skin, a minority race of Vektreans has green skin.

The Vektrean Mercenaries are a bunch of arms-dealing, weapons-smuggling, tactical strategist warmongers who hire out their ships to the highest bidder. Once they make a contract, they honor it to the letter. Vektreans are known for both exceptional leadership in their commanders, and devout loyalty among the troops.

The Vektreans are known for adapting all kinds of equipment and technology for their own use. Vektreans are capable of adapting other spacefaring nation's technology, frequently stealing other race's unique technology to add to their own ships.

Vektreans build their bases directly into the available terrain. They are quite talented as building asteroid bases, and even build ships such as freighters or even carriers out of asteroids. Such ships and bases use the asteroid natural terrain to camoflage the Vektrean structures.

Unique Technology

  1. Repulsion Beam