When Baron Sengir found out that he had enemies within the forests of Ulgrotha, he laid plans instead of laying waste to the forest. Not knowing what hid within the depths of the wood, he found himself a hunter - Veldrane - who would do the reconnaissance (and some of the killing) for him. He did not extend the toothy welcome to the hunter- it was crucial that he fit in among the forest people. The hunters brought Sengir information, and the heads of important woodland enemies, for generations. The hunters passed on their secrets to their children, knowing that the hunters would be treated well by the Baron. One of the Baron's favorite hunters was Veldrane. He lead many successful missions into the Great Wood, but neither Veldrane nor any other hunters were able to discover the Autumn Willow - the secret power of the wood.

Poacher, scout, and sometime-kidnapper, Veldrane serves his master, Baron Sengir, very well. Veldrane is quite adept at disguise - often only his distinctive, emerald-studded scabbard provides a clue to his identity.

He has been known to walk to roads and paths from Onella to Castle Sengir, to bring victims back for his master, or to deliver information to the Baron's allies and agents. He is often disguised as a simple traveller or trader, and is not easily recognized as a foreigner to the sunlit lands. The only means of constantly identifying him is a Dwarven-made, emerald studded scabbard (sword inside, of course) he carries on his person at all times. Some say that this person is only a puppet of the Dark Baron's, and that he is nothing more than a necromantic automaton of some sort

"Poor, foolish Veldrane. He goes wherever the Baron wills him. One day, he'll go to die." -Halina, Dwarven Trader (Veldrane)