Venser is a planeswalker who wields blue and white magic. His specialty is teleportation magic and building his own unique and powerful artifacts. Venser is brilliant and able to think fast on his feet to find a way out of any sticky situation he encounters. He relies on his knowledge of artifice and teleportation to pave his way through the Multiverse, where he satisfies his boundless curiosity of all things mechanical.

Venser came from the gloomy, apocalypse-blasted wasteland of Urborg on the plane of Dominaria. As an adult, he lived alone in his workshop amidst the remains of warships and wreckage left from the Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria. Using found parts from the heaps of debris surrounding his home, he built devices that could aid in teleportation.

Smart and resourceful, Venser found himself a place traveling alongside the former planeswalker Teferi and the ageless artificer Jhoira. Teferi sought out Venser's help and used his devices to rapidly travel across Dominaria in order to close dangerous time distortions in key locations across the plane. Venser’s talent at teleportation led to his spark igniting, allowing him to travel beyond the boundaries of Dominaria. It set Venser on the path to achieving his destiny as the first of a new breed of planeswalker.

The Planeswalker Koth, from the metal plane of Mirrodin, sought help when his world darkened. He traveled to Dominaria to enlist allies and met Venser. When Venser recognized the threat to Koth's world was none other than Phyrexia, he knew that the only hope for Mirrodin was to find its maker. But that would mean forsaking its people in the meantime. Koth would rather die than turn his back on his fellow Mirrans. But Venser all but knew they would die anyway if they failed to reach Karn, his former mentor and creator of Mirrodin.

After Venser followed his onetime mentor Karn to Mirrodin, he discovered that Phyrexia had contaminated the metal plane. He found Karn deep inside Mirrodin's core, corrupted by the Phyrexian oil and being groomed to become the new Father of Machines. As the corruption began to seep inside his own body and he felt his resistance fading, Venser nobly sacrificed himself, offering his life to restore Karn's spark and free him from Phyrexia's grasp.

His marvels of artifice pale in comparison to the developing machinery of his mind.

"Two magi could trade spells all day and never crown a victor. The real battle is not one of power but of will. If your confidence breaks, so too shall you." -Venser (Dismal Failure)

A Planeswalker's chronicle spans worlds and civilizations, each page a lifetime. (Venser's Journal)

Venser admired his handiwork and smiled. His first prototype had joined with the hive mind all too well, running with the brood and becoming a predator itself. This one, he thought, would be accepted into the hive but still obey his commands. (Venser's Sliver)

"They can't even comprehend nature. How could they improve it?" -Venser (Mitotic Manipulation)

Venser wondered if it could still be called a teleportation spell if the destination is oblivion. (Dispatch)

"Each reality is but the dream of another, and each sleeper a god unknowing." (Venser's Diffusion)

Venser, Shaper Savant (FtV), Venser, Shaper Savant, Venser, the Sojourner (VvK), Venser, the Sojourner