This article is about the planet Venus in the Rocketmen setting. For other uses, see Venus (disambiguation).

In the Rocketmen setting, Venus is hospitable to human life. It is inhabited by the Venusians, and governed by the High Priestess of Truth and Beauty, Diana.

Venusians hold logic and natural beauty as the ultimate expressions of civilization. The sciences reign in Venus' commercial and governmental sectors, because they embody the pursuit of truth. Venusian navigation schools and asteroid mining corporations are the biggest and finest in the solar system.

On venus, any inclination to violence results in immediate psychological retraining. But although they are pacifists, Venusians are also realists. The small Venusian Foreign Legion is famous for being the toughest fighting unit in the solarr system. Each member hails from another planet and has had to pass a gauntlet of rigorous tests in order to join.

Scrolls at the Oracle of Venus library tell the story of two sisters driven apart by tragedy. Venus had fallen in love with an Earth man, and Mercury could not bear it, so she seduced and killed the weak man. Venus sent Mercury away, and the planet has been a matriarchy ever since.