A demon lord in his own right, the crafty, hyper-inrelligent Verin serves Graz'zt instead of his own ambition and accordingly enjoys staggering favors from his liege. Verin is a wan. pure white humanoid with angular features and no body hair of any kind, if not for the fact that his form oozed spiritual slime, an observer might not even think him evil. But his wickedness and cruelty rival that of Graz'zt, a fact that accounts for the demons' strong relationship.

Verin's capacity as Graz'zt's major domo and chief diplomat brings him to the courts of nearly all the demon lords in the Abyss, and while some hate his pretensions and wish ro see him humbled and destroyed, all respect and fear his prowess and the influence of his master. During his Abyssal Travels, Verin catalogues the weaknesses and obsessions of the demon lords, trading this information freely to gain influence and set Graz'zt's enemies against each other. To assist in this, Verin assumes a variety of different guises, including a black-skinned mirror of his true form he calls Ztefano. Where Verin is not trusted, Ztefano often finds himselfa welcome guest.